2024-W16 - 15 to 21 April

The heat in Cebu and the Philippines is unbearable. Last Wednesday, even inside our home, right after I showered, the sweat just started pouring out and it made me feel sticky and so damn uncomfortable. Didn’t even let me enjoy the feeling of being clean at all.

I’m still working on the categories page for my website, but the code especially the CSS, is still incomplete. I haven’t had enough time to finish writing it, and I might need some help from ChatGPT, just like I did with my other projects. I don’t expect ChatGPT to provide me with the entire solution, but it can help me refine the code.

The Week in Links

👤 Netflix Doc ‘What Jennifer Did’ Uses AI Images to Create False Historical Record - Documentary filmmakers were publishing guidelines on how to ethically use generative AI right as Netflix’s true crime doc was adding fake images to the historical record.

🌐 Web Without Women

Susan Kare
COMPUTER ICONOGRAPHY WITHOUT SUSAN KARE // Susan Kare created icons and fonts for Apple Computers in the early 1980s tha introduced a clear, enjoyable standard of user interface design. Her work is a precursor to the icon-based emoji communication we see common today.

🤸🏻 101 Additional Advices - “When you find yourself procrastinating, don’t resist. Instead lean into it. Procrastinate 100%. Try to do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes. Make it your job. You’ll fail. After 5 minutes, you’ll be ready and eager to work.”

📦 How I Reimagined My Digital Storage System by Rahul Chowdhury - Rahul write about their journey of finding an optimal digital storage solution for their large video files and settled on a hybrid approach, using cloud storage for frequently accessed files and external hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration for archiving large video and photo files. I’ve got a kind of similar system for storing my files. I make sure to backup everything from my computer’s local hard drive to an external HDD every month. It’s not the fastest process, for sure and it usually takes a whole day to complete the backup but it’s totally worth it for the peace of mind it gives me.

🚢 The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

🗣️ PodcastAP - Follow Podcasts and Music feeds on the Fediverse

Years Don't Lie by PREP
Years Don't Lie by PREP.

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