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Nagkadaiyang Tunob

Assistant Director

Love, Mama by Edcy Moria

Location Sound

Samtang Ikaw Natulog Pa by Keith Ayuman

Line Producer

Hinaguang Panginabuhi by Joi Villablanca

Videographer | Editor


Videographer | Editor

National Day of Walkout 2018

Photographer | Editor

Salt Citea Restaurant

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Notion Workspace
Digital Garden

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Kushaiah Felisilda

Kushaiah Felisilda is a Filmmaker and Photographer based in the Philippines. She first developed her fondness for films and video works by scouring her parent’s wide array of DVDs. She graduated from the University of San Carlos with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Cinema.

She has worked with various projects both for film and commercial purposes locally and internationally. Kushaiah specializes in filmmaking, content creation, and photography. She works with startups, charities, events, documentaries, and social aid organizations. She also loves nerding out productivity apps especially Notion.

Kushaiah’s knowledge and skillsets are acquired from self-experimentation and learned ideas passed onto by people she has collaborated with before. She believes that one of the most important tools in ensuring the success of a project is effective communication—both sides must have a mutual and shared understanding of all agreements and decisions in pursuit of the representation of one’s values, ideas, mission, and principles.

Kushaiah is currently working as a Remote Video Editor for two (2) Mental Health Companies based in the United States. She has been freelancing for the past few years and is looking forward to a fruitful career in the film industry.

Her short film has been exhibited in Sundayag Film Festival 2020

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