2024-W15 - 8 to 14 April

This week, I had the pleasure of savoring a two-day holiday, which was an absolute delight but also felt like those two days lasted forever — even longer than a regular weekend! I didn’t really do much special, but I definitely enjoyed having that break and getting to just chill.

A little weekend project for the blog. I was inspired by the clean design of Piper Haywood’s categories page, and the minimalist in me yearned (not really) to recreate that aesthetic on my site. It’s still a work in progress, but this whole thing has been a whirlwind of frustrations and a lot of learning and relearning!

Categories page on my website
Categories WIP

The Week in Links

🚶🏻 Thinking about this tweet and all the decisions I could have made without worrying about others’ opinions…

⏯️ Frame.io Version 4 Beta is here! Redesigned interface for customizable workflows and Frame-accurate comments and consolidated feedback lists. I’m still on the waitlist but excited to try it out

📺 Humane AI Pin reviews are out and I’m enjoying the widespread negative feedback. I specifically liked David Pierce’s real world review on the PIN and it’s just really bad. But I’m also contemplating that this could have been an Apple prototype, given that the founders previously worked at Apple.

📓 The Flipbook Experiment by Pudding Cool - 15,053 frames have been drawn when I tried it.

🤖 Your ‘AI first’ company is giving me AI fatigue by Michael Grothaus - “Using ChatGPT for sales, marketing, or communications with customers does not make you an AI-first company. If that’s all it took, then surely you would have to boast about being an “Excel-first” company, too, because you used a spreadsheet to keep track of your customers.

🧠 You Are What You Read, Even If You Don’t Always Remember It by Jim Nielsen

📸 Great photos from Greg Morris’ Short Trip To Skegness - I’ve been seeing the Ricoh GRIIIx everywhere!

👤 Why blog anonymously - I’ve been following Frills for a little bit now, and I just love her and her blog (obviously). I totally agree with everything she said in that post. There was a time when I had an anonymous website (now abandoned), and it was such a thrill that people would engage with the things I wrote and did without even knowing me.

PREP - 15th Floor
The week's vibe... and probably until next month! 👀

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