2024-W14 - 1 to 7 April

New moon solar eclipse in Aries (April 8) The upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Aries promises startling revelations. Whether or not you witness the total eclipse firsthand, its impact will be unmistakable. Positioned along the Aries-Libra axis, it continues to stir up questions of personal autonomy and relationships.

Eclipses aren’t just celestial spectacles; they’re cosmic catalysts for change. Brace yourself for a journey of self-discovery and transformation under the Aries solar eclipse. Trust the Universe’s guidance as it nudges you towards growth and healing amidst life’s chaos.

I’ve been following my new daily routine for a week now, and it’s been fantastic! It’s helped me stay focused and be more mindful of my daily activities. Here’s hoping I can keep it up for the next 83 days!

The Week in Links

🤡 April Cool’s Day - I hate April Fool’s so much now that I’m older. Some people use it as an excuse for their stupidity. So seeing this makes me happy. If I would have known about it, I would have participated. In other news, just this April 1 someone followed a page on Facebook that they would receive money if they would get a tattoo of the page’s logo on their forehead. Immediately the guy did this of course in exchange of money but the next day the page announced it was just for April Fools. Netizens reacted that the page was held accountable for what the person did because not everyone knows what April Fools is, this is not being celebrated here in the Phiilppines too — it’s a burgis ideas.

🪑 The Most Important Chair - Eames Chair who??? Vitra chairs could never

👨🏼‍🔬 Adam Savage’s Beautifully Chaotic Studio Tour

📰 Dear Somebody by Mera Lee Patel - Lovely weeknotes newsletter!

🌤️ Suspension of classes due to extreme heat - The heat in the Philippines has been outrageous! The heat index can soar from a scorching 35°C (95°F) to an unbearable 42°C (107°F) in no time. This extreme heat has led to numerous class suspensions, as the conditions make it nearly impossible for students to concentrate or function properly in educational institutions. Like I said before the transition to the new academic calendar was implemented prematurely, and we were ill-prepared for its implementation.

The timing of this was perfect. Ever since college, I’ve struggled with maintaining attention span, finding it challenging to sit and read even a single page of a book. Perhaps this stems from the trauma of having to pore over numerous theories and essays every week during my university days. I know it’s been five or more years, but that experience seems to have left a lingering impact on my ability to concentrate while reading. (I’m aware this may sound like an excuse, but it’s a genuine issue I’ve always wanted to deal with…)

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