2024-W12 - 18 to 24 March

I finally dragged myself back to the gym this week! I know, I know, I’m seriously behind on those New Year’s resolutions. But cut me some slack, I was in the midst of an existential crisis back in January and a little self-reflection never hurt anybody. Anyway, getting active again feels amazing, not gonna lie. I’ve already shed 1kg from my diet, which is a solid start if you ask me.

There’s been a whirlwind of events happening in Cebu every weekend this month β€” a total March Madness vibe. I’ve been skipping out on most of them though. Crowds just aren’t my thing, unless it’s a concert. I was simply not built to be a social butterfly. Listening and observing is more my speed. And I’ve been enjoying missing out on these events. Period.

The Week in Links

πŸ–₯️ Dense Discovery Issue 280

Working in technology means one thing above all else: chasing scale. There is a reason why much of the tech world is obsessed with growth. Free from physical constraints, digital systems can scale to an incomprehensible size. The appeal of conquering the engineering, design and business challenges of mega-scale is strong, the rewards immense. But ultimately, when our work consists mostly of reconfiguring abstract systems and optimising data flows, we thirst for impact that feels more real and relatable.

πŸ‘₯ D.I.E. Diversity, Inclusivity & Equity by Laurent Yee - Highlighting how users areΒ forced to perform for digital interfaces, specifically how visual UX design cues on digital forms limit identity (broad, fluid, diverse) into finite multiple choice questions. The project explores the limitations of digital interfaces, particularly in UX design, focusing on how they restrict identity into multiple choice questions. It satirizes the UX design philosophy, aiming to build alternative systems.

πŸ”’ Proton Pass - I appreciate Bitwarden and have used it for years. However, the app often feels clunky, giving the impression that user experience is not a priority. As a result, I am considering a new password manager. And 1Password is not an option.

🫣 Things that don’t work (via Craig Mod) - An interesting perspective on many things, although there are several points I don’t agree with.

πŸ’» Awesome Mac (via Reddit comment) - This is a gem, though it may seem like a lot of apps. But if you’re ever in need of alternative apps, this is a good starting point.

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