2024-W07 - 12 to 18 February

Last week, Nooning started throwing up her food. After the first time, we rushed her to the vet. I don’t usually panic when she vomits once, but my partner thought we should get her checked out since this was different. She threw up all her kibble, not just a little bit.

The vet gave Nooning some medicine and said to go to the animal hospital if she kept vomiting so they could check her vitals.

On Tuesday the 13th, we took her to the hospital. I tried to distract myself while we waited for the test results because I tend to imagine the worst in situations like this. My mind races faster than Formula 1 cars when I’m anxious!

Luckily, there was no need to worry. We just have to watch if she vomits again or acts different. They prescribed a bunch of medications for Nooning and said we should adjust her diet. She needs to eat more but in a controlled way that’s easy on her liver.

We were supposed to be in Manila this week on a little vacation, but we decided it was better to stay home until Nooning is back to normal. I guess our trip will have to wait until next time.

Fawn chihuahua all curled up
Nooning all curled up

The Week in Links

⌨️ Raycast is working on something exciting with their Emoji Picker. They have introduced custom keywords, which make it easier for users to find Emojis. Users can now save AI-searched Emojis with these custom keywords for quicker access.

🎬 Impressive first features - Letterboxd list of impressive first features from beloved directors.

🎶 There are a lot of song releases this week!

📰 I have subscribed to what happened last week by Sham Jaff and I think you should too.

Beyoncé has released a new single called “Texas Hold ‘Em” as part of her Act II album. It seems like we can expect a country bop!

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