2024-W03 - 15 to 21 January

Finally, we’re out of the hospital, and I can’t express how relieved I am that we no longer have to worry about the hefty payment we made throughout our stay. Gone are the days of enduring those IV injections from doctors and nurses. However, now my focus shifts to recovery, but waiting game for the pain to subside feels like an eternity.


The recovery period after surgery can be tough, especially when all you want is some comforting food. It’s frustrating when even that seems a bit sad and only adds to the impatience of waiting for things to get better. During the first two days after the surgery, all I could have was lugaw and other soft foods. I really want that bowl of ramen right now!

This week has been one of the hardest for me so far. I have been struggling to get my body back into action and every time I exert myself, I get tired. I can only walk for 5 minutes, as exceeding that limit exhausts me. Even when I’m at home, excessive movement makes me dizzy, but sitting around isn’t much better. I’m taking the week off from work because of this. The right side of my body is always tired and could be numb at times. This is due to the anesthesia wearing off just now. I still have a few follow up check ups scheduled in the upcoming weeks, but after that, I plan to experiment with different types of food and see what I can tolerate. And of course gotta get some exercise.


On another note, it’s Sinulog for the past two weeks, and it breaks my heart that we couldn’t fully participate. I’ve always cherished Sinulog, and even though I may not be religious, there’s something about my faith in Sto. Niño that resonates deeply. Growing up, I had countless questions about Sto. Niño, and having lived in Cebu for over five years, I’ve witnessed the unwavering devotion of the Cebuanos. I may not be overly zealous about religion, but there’s an undeniable curiosity sparked by these types of religious observances. My partner and I have planned to go out for the Sinulog Party since we stayed at home last year. Because of everything that has been happening, we once again stayed at home but were able to see the fireworks display from our building.

The main festival is still held at SRP which is just majorly inaccessible for most people. This venue has been an issue for most Cebuanos, but the Cebu Government continues to hold their events there due to the presence of conglomerates. Unfortunately, this decision seems to prioritize money over people’s devotion.

Fawn Chihuahua focused on the cake
We celebrated Nooning's 3rd barkday! Look at how she’s very focused on getting the cake

Social media

Dealing with a health issue can actually be a good opportunity to take a break from social media and slow down because sometimes everything feels overwhelming and confusing. It’s like you’re out of the loop. But of course, it’s not great because of the health issue itself. Nonetheless, I managed to find some enjoyment in it.

The Week In Links

Pika provides a user-friendly platform for bloggers, balancing free access with a reasonably priced subscription. I came across this page when I was exploring on curated online spaces. Their commitment to user privacy and an ad-free experience is commendable. Offers free blogging for up to 50 posts. Unlimited blogging requires a paid subscription of $6/month or $60/year. Pika is created by Good Enough, decent people who just want a decent place to scream our decent thoughts into the void.

We have discovered Coconut Aminos, a natural substitute for soy sauce. It has low sodium content and tastes good. We are currently searching for other low sodium condiments that we can use in our food. If you have any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not buying the Apple Vision Pro but I do like their ad for their upcoming release

MYMP holds a special place in my heart as they were my first concert experience. They were absolutely amazing, but I’m not sure what they’re up to these days. I only know that they were cancelled because of their political stances, lol.

M.Y.M.P - Beyond Acoustic album
Their music from 2005 - 2008 was really good.

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