Trailer dilemma

I have to admit, I try to avoid movie trailers as much as possible because I don’t want any spoilers. Even though they’re only a minute long, most trailers reveal too much in that short amount of time. I know even as filmmakers we make them for our projects, even if they’re just shorts, because they’re effective.1 One of my favorite things to do growing up was making film trailers that were different from their genre. It was a sort of exercise for me to show how a film can be shown differently, and also to test my skills in music and editing. I even had a project in my Editing class way back in college where I did the same thing.

Of course, if it’s a film that has a lot of buzz and everyone is talking about it, then I’ll watch the trailer to see if it’s worth my time. But when it comes to a recommendation from a trusted friend who has great taste in films, I prefer to go in blind and be surprised by what I see on the screen. I know it’s weird for a cinephile to skip trailers. Love me or hate me, call me a purist or whatever, but it’s always a thrill to discover a great film without any preconceptions or expectations. But let’s be real, sometimes I can’t resist and end up watching them still.

Anyway, have you seen the trailer for Dune: Part Two? It’s giving me goosebumps! I can’t wait for its release on November 3. Time to get hyped!

  1. Kernan, L. (2005). Coming attractions: Reading American Movie Trailers. University of Texas Press. ↩︎

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