Province life is slow life

I grew up in a province where only 4 buses pass by every hour. The beach is only a 10-minute trip away, the air is always refreshing, and people greet each other with a smile on the road. Being away for college was exciting and fun; meeting new people, having new experiences, and overcoming new hurdles. But there will always be an itch in your system that makes you want to go home. There’s something about the province that relaxes me, even if I don’t always agree with the politics.

As I write this, I’m looking at the mountains here in my hometown. It feels surreal to see the peaceful and undisturbed mountains giving me the headspace that I’ve been craving ever since the start of the pandemic. The fresh air, the cold breeze even at 11 AM, the dancing and rustling of leaves - nothing compares to the gratitude I feel for a place like this. Seeing the view from up here is poetic, and although I want to write a piece about this place, I know my writing skills are not that good. Instead, I’ll just gaze at the view and enjoy the slow moments of this place.

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