Learning patience

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been trying to recover my WD Passport hard drive for the third time since I bought it, and it’s been frustrating. I don’t think the hard drive is faulty or aging; it’s more about accessibility issues. The problem is that we have a mix of Samsung and Apple devices at home, and they don’t seem to work well together.

We’ve had no internet connection for a month now because of a recent typhoon, so I figured we could watch some films from my hard drive. But after connecting it to the TV for the fourth time, I noticed that it had become painfully slow to read on my Mac. It’s frustrating because it takes forever to load, and I have to be patient, which isn’t always easy.

I’ve tried everything, from downloading various data recovery software to using different devices, but I still have missing files, mostly those larger than 2GB. I don’t think the software is to blame for the slow read times because the issue seems to be with the hard drive itself. It becomes faulty every time I move it to a different device.

I know I don’t have all the time in the world, but I’m willing to be patient when it comes to recovering my important files. It’s a good lesson in patience, and I’m trying to learn from it.

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