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Attempting to rename multiple files with a specific filename was more challenging than I expected, especially when it required the use of RegEx. The applications I tried didn’t solve the problem. I asked ChatGPT which software I could use for my task. It suggested Automator. This tool is built into Apple’s macOS, offers various solutions, and best of all, it’s free.

I was in the process of transferring numerous pages from my Notion Journal to Obsidian. To maintain consistency, I need the filenames to include the weekday, as this is my established naming convention in Obsidian. I didn’t want to rename each of my three years’ worth of journal entries individually. While exploring the Automators forum, I noticed someone else had a similar issue and another user recommended using RegEx. I’ve had previous experiences with RegEx that were frustrating, so I was hesitant to use it again. They also recommended some applications that supposedly made RegEx “easy”. However, even after trying three different applications over two days, I was left frustrated. All I wanted was to finish the renaming and organizing task.

Scenario outlining automation process in Name Mangler
Scenario outlining my desired automation process in Name Mangler

In the midst of my increasing frustration, I remembered ChatGPT and decided to ask for its “help”. I asked about the script I should run to rename my files in the manner I desired. To my surprise, ChatGPT suggested using Apple’s Automator, a free tool built directly into MacOS that I hadn’t considered using before, as the forums suggested other apps, and the idea of creating a script in Automator seemed daunting.

I still don’t understand RegEx but implementing the solutions suggested by ChatGPT using Apple’s Automator proved to be simple and effective. The file renaming task was completed in under 5 hours without any additional apps. ChatGPT provided the complex RegEx script necessary to append the weekday to the journal filename.

Apple Automator with script
Running the script in Automator

for file in "$@"; do
    # Extract date components using regex
    if [[ $file =~ ([0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}) ]]; then
        # Get the day of the week
        day_of_week=$(date -jf "%Y-%m-%d" "$date_part" +"%A")
        # Append day of the week to the filename
        new_filename="${date_part}-${day_of_week}.md"  # Add .md as the file extension
        # Rename the file
        mv "$file" "$(dirname "$file")/$new_filename"

I’ve used Automator in the past for simple tasks like transferring specific files to different folders. When I needed to run scripts, I could usually find them with a quick Google search. I’ve also used ChatGPT for coding and grammar assistance, but I never considered that it could provide Apple Scripts.

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