2024-W24 - 10 to 16 June

It’s been raining all week here in Cebu. Perfect for just staying at home and doing nothing, of course except I am working from home… which by the way I am truly grateful for despite knowing how tough it is out there in the media industry. I had a pretty productive week at work despite the gloomy weather. I finished off 4 videos this week which was definitely a cause for celebration. Knocking out that many edits and getting everyone’s seal of approval felt really good. A nice little dopamine boost to make the long hours worthwhile.

The Week in Links

 Apple’s Apple Intelligence was really interesting especially with how Apple sets a new standard for privacy in AI.

📧 Good Sign-offs by Meg Miller via Swiss Miss

👩🏻‍💻 Research as leisure activity by Celine Nguyen via Nick Heer

🖼️ A handy list of design sites, design news and newsletters

💻 I’ve seen little discussion about the new Daylight e-paper display. While I typically avoid e-ink due to my eyesight issues, the claims of crisp text and interactive animations have piqued my interest. Has anyone had hands-on experience with this display that could share their impressions?

🔘 Sometimes, a Button Just Wants to Look Like a Button

🏆 Tiny Awards are a delightful celebration of the creative, odd, and experimental aspects of the internet, offering recognition to projects that truly embody the web’s innovative spirit. Go nominate a site!

Chaka Khan: Tiny Desk Concert

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