2024-W20 - 13 to 19 May

Singapore’s heat and humidity is no joke. I know the Philippines can get brutally hot these past few months, but the humidity in Singapore is on another level when it comes to getting completely drenched in sweat. Just walking a few meters outside and you’re drenched in sweat. But man, what a modern, beautiful city with all the tall buildings and GREAT transportation. I loved how walkable everything was, with the train stations connected right to the major places you’d want to go.

And of course I had to make a midnight run at Mustafa for the goods. Can you believe the taxis there cruise down the highway at over 100? Definitely made me want to rent a car and experience that myself, though you know I’d keep it a reasonable 80 since I’m a careful driver. The easy commuting was SO convenient compared to being stuck in brutal traffic jams. Singapore has its modern amenities down pat with the walkability and transit even if the heat and humidity take some getting used to!

Singapore is an awesome place overall but it can be really expensive. I would rather eat at Hawker Centres than eat at a fancy restaurant or order Grab.

The Week in Links

🏘️ If you want to belong, find a third place - “Belonging isn’t some magical place that you can find in your next destination, it is where you feel most connected with the people around you, and that you have people who love you and that you love.”

🚶‍♂️ Keeping Ben Pobjoy and Craig Mod’s tips for long walks.

🔗 People and Blogs: Om Malik

🧠 I tried out Memex way back when it first launched, but it was pretty rough around the edges at that point. It’s a bookmarking tool that lets you save, highlight, and take notes on stuff you find online, right in your browser. Kinda similar to Omnivore, which I’ve been using. But I’ve noticed they’ve been pushing out updates like crazy lately, so I’m curious to give it another shot. The constant improvements have definitely caught my eye. Anyone else here using Memex these days? I’d love to hear if it’s gotten better and more intuitive to use.

Please Rate Your Experience by Robb Knight - How was your delivery? How was your ride? How was your call to customer support? How was your purchase you received literally 15 seconds ago? You only just got here but would you rate our website? How was your experience filling in our form to get access to your mother’s will? HOW WAS IT?

❤️‍🔥 Six definitions of love

Okay, I’m glad someone made a video about this because I have also been wondering why AI companies use the sparkles emoji or at least use the same logo for all their AI features.

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