2024-W18 - 6 to 12 May

I’m in Singapore with Denz. We’ve been planning this getaway for over a year now because we’ve been talking about possibly moving here for a while, so we figured we’d come check it out properly before making any rash decisions.

I’ve been to Singapore once before, but it was just a quick few days as a starting point for our Banana Pancake Trail backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia. Even though it was a short stay, I had an unforgettable experience getting lost in the vibrant Little India neighborhood. It really opened my eyes to how different life can be in an ultra-modern city compared to the third-world country I was so accustomed to.

This visit we’re doing the full tourist thing — hit up Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, you name it. But we’re also getting a real taste of local life by eating our way through all the incredible Hawker Centres and commute and walk 15,000 steps a day (with this heat is too much.) Huge perk is that Denz’s relatives live here and are putting us up, saving us a ton on accommodation.

We’ll see how we feel after really experiencing Singapore for an extended stay. But so far, so good!

The Week in Links

🛣️ THE RETURN TO PACHINKO ROAD is a new pop-up newsletter by my idol, Craig Mod.

📱 The redesigned iPad Air and new iPad Pro - That OLED screen is just so gorgeous. I don’t need one but I kinda want one.

🍎 Apple announces M4 with more CPU cores and AI focus, just months after M3

🥅 The Paradox of Goals explores the complexities and challenges of setting and achieving goals in today’s world. Anne-Laure Le Cunff delves into the reasons why goals, whether achieved or failed, often leave individuals feeling unfulfilled and explores an alternative concept called “growth loops”

🧘🏼‍♂️ The Possibility of Slowing Down

🚧 The tech industry doesn’t deserve optimism it has earned skepticism

📸 Depths of Field Simulator - This provides a visual representation of how changing camera settings affects the depth of field in photography. The simulator includes parameters such as subject distance, focal length, aperture, and sensor size. A handy tool that looks terrible on mobile. And there a selection of subjects including humans and dogs, and devices like webcams and smartphones.

My RSS feed game is an absolute mess right now. I was out of town for the past couple weeks on a little adventure (still am), and in that time my feed just completely blew up to over 3,000 unread articles! I’m trying my best to power through and get caught up, but let’s just say it’s been a slow crawl. So if you notice me being a little behind on sharing links from the last couple of weeks, just know I’m working on it! Bear with me while I chip away at this mountain of a backlog.

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