2024-W18 - 29 April to 5 May

Serving at this medical mission in Davao Del Sur fills my heart with joy. Seeing the grateful smiles and relief on people’s faces when they receive the care they desperately need is one of life’s most humbling experiences. It reminds me that simple acts of kindness and compassion can profoundly impact those struggling with limited access to healthcare. This experience has been a powerful reminder that healthcare is a basic human right, not a privilege.

The Week in Links

🎣 Adopting the Aquaculture of the Future in Thailand - In Thailand, farming fish and shrimp together is one of the most common practices in polyculture farming. It’s also the first step toward bigger changes in sustainability that Thailand’s aquaculture and fishing industry could see in the coming years.

📧 I Hope This Email Finds you - I hope this email finds you even lingering around the premises, the contract is voided.

💿 See how records get made in 2024 - “The cut is almost like DNA,” said Matt Lindsey, United Record Pressing’s chief technology officer. “It’s specific and unique to that music content only.” via Chris Glass

📀 Also a favorite video from Wired and Third Man Records

🌐 The web is not dying by Manuel Moreale - “The web is not dying. People won’t stop creating because silly AI tools will flood the web with generated crap. Photographers won’t stop taking pictures because Midjourney exists. Filmmakers won’t stop creating videos because Sora is now available to everyone.”

📻 My new favorite internet radio - Just bummed they use Apple Music.

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