2024-W17 - 22 to 28 April

This week went by very quickly. I didn’t even notice that next week will be May. May is going to be a busy month for me. I will be traveling but still working from different places. Next week, we will be joining a medical mission. My partner and I decided to join them at the last minute, but we’re glad we can help out.

In other literary news, I’m reading a book! I’m only 30 pages in but it’s still a milestone for me. Last Monday, April 22nd, we attended Patricia Evangelista’s book tour for her latest work, “Some People Need Killing.” It was an absolute privilege to witness this amazing author’s talk. The book delves into the emotionally intense subject matter of the Philippines’ War on Drugs, yet Evangelista’s writing style remains remarkably accessible and easy to follow. You can also buy the book for someone else.

Some People Need Killing by Patricia Evangelista book cover
Some People Need Killing by Patricia Evangelista

The Week in Links

🥪 The Cubic Rule - Pizza is a toast and Hot Dog is a taco? Am I going crazy? Please! I just want to eat! A colleague from work shared this and it’s driving us nuts.

🖼️ A good image tells a good story - The right visual can attract people’s attention and explain complex matters at one sight. Yet, just as a misplaced joke can ruin a comedy set, boring or inappropriate images can derail and devalue your presentation. So, how do we choose the right ones?

🖌️ P&B: Veronique

🌐 The Man Who Killed Google Search by Ed Zitron - Google’s focus on revenue led to changes in search algorithms and ad presentation.

🤖 Discord Shuts Down ‘Spy Pet’ Bots That Scraped, Sold User Messages - Discord has now shut down a mass of scraping accounts and says it is considering legal action.

🙆🏻 The Millennial Captcha by Mike Lacher and Brian Moore - Somehow passed this one…

Salamin, Salamin by BINI

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